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Leak detection

Any and All leaks residential and commercial leaks on your plumbing system we have you covered! The picture above is locating a leak; line by line. We do not believe in penetrating your slab unless its absolutely necessary! In most cases we can over head re-route a water line through the attic. For sewer/drain it may be different story as well as gas... The approach we like to take is "If it we're my familys home what would I do". We have specialized equipment to locate Gas leaks, Water leaks, Sewer leaks, Drain leaks, Leaks under your slab or You may be worried and would like us to preform a whole home test on Your entire system just to play it safe. Leak Stop Plumbing is here for you!!!

Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Leave the Dirty job to your local Leak Stop Plumber! Our professionals have unstopped many, many drains in their time. Just by the feel of the cable we can tell if there is break is in your line in most cases. Although stoppage don't stand a chance, we always verify any hunch we might have by running our sewer camera before making any final calls. Our word is our bond, You can count on it! Different stoppages call for different approaches, rest assure we have the right tools and the right know how to get You and Your Family back up and running in no time!

Water Heaters

If You are reading this and Your Water heater is Not leaking, do Yourself a favor and go inspect the unit for corrosion. Look at your valve, fitting and supply lines. Check the date is was manufactured and get a general idea of the length of life you may be expecting. A quick google search can teach You a lot. If Your unit is leaking, busted or just not heating the way it did once before, We would love if given the opportunity to show You Our worth. Give Leak Stop Plumbing a call today and We will send a Licensed Professional to Your home or place of business to make a proper assessment Today!


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We are dedicated to investing in our team Personally and Professionally. We believe to influence Our community on the most basic level, We should start from within.

We believe in doing the job right the first time! With something as diverse as plumbing with the multitude of fittings that can be used, it is important to apply the correct fittings properly. We seek not only to find effective solutions, but also to make them aesthetically pleasing, even though they will be covered up. We take pride in our work to ensure any and all repairs do not cause future issues. We would like to work with you, and hope you will trust us with all your plumbing needs. Give us a call today.


Whether you’re curious about Your system, having trouble, wanting to diy, we’re here to answer any questions and provide value where ever we can.